“Pastor AR Bernard faces the loss of another son” how much is too much? Our Prayers and condolences goes out to My Pastor and his entire family at this time

Community members and elected officials came together Friday to help the pastor of the Christian Cultural Center as he laid his son to rest. 

Reverand Ar Bernard announced on Twitter the death of his son Jhared Bernard Sr. The pastor says his son died on Oct. 2 from alcoholism. 

Sen. Chuck Schumer, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez came out to support Bernard and his wife. 

This is the second painful loss for the pastor. He lost his oldest son to asthma years ago. 

The church released a statement saying, “In this difficult time, as in many other times, we continue to live by faith and put our complete trust in God. We pray for all those who are struggling that God provides the light in life they need.” 

Jhared Bernard Sr. leaves behind a wife and five children.

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