Melanin Power Presents “WWM”

When Women Meet” Pt. 1

Hello MelaFans, Melanin Power is back with a Purpose and look forward to bringing you the most exciting and interesting stories. Here at MP our goal is to bring awareness and enlightenment to our audience with the everyday reality of pulling Strength from each other and beyond.

What happens “WWM” When Women Meet? MP decided to catch up with a few Strong and Talented Women of color to find out where do they pull their strengths’ from. The ladies from left to right range from Counselors, Authors, Teachers, Chaplain, etc. Lets meet our Gorgeous and Phenomenal Guests. We started the day with enthusiasm and the energy was through the roof. We ate, we laughed, we cried and we comforted each other.

Melanin Strong!
Left to Right: Irene Noel, Rose Greaves, Gina Hankerson, Antoinette Crouch, CEO Steph, Dr.Megan Greaves-Massay

We all agreed that our strength comes from God, our Ancestors and from within, we shared that sometimes we have to encourage ourselves because there’s no one there, and that it takes a lot of courage to do so, especially when you’re at your lowest. These ladies are Phenomenal and Melanin Power would like to thank each and everyone of them for sharing their time, their stories and their life with us.

Irene Noel is an Author/ Special Education Teacher and Respiratory Therapist. She pulls her strength from just being still and being in the moment, that’s it, ‘Be still and know that I am”.. You can find her Book of inspiration “Let Your Soul Shine at the amazon link:

Prophetess Rose Greaves is a Prayer Warrior that pulls her strength from being in a place of Peace, being connected and being passionate about her Peace. That Peace that surpasses all understanding. A Rose is truly a Rose, she is a down to earth Woman of God and makes no excuses about it.

Gina/ Pre-Need Hankerson is an Advance Planning Specialist, Author and knows the intricacies’ of getting you through the most difficult decisions of life and death. Gina will set your life straight so that your Family will have nothing to worry about. Gina has a wealth of information including but not limited to Life Insurance, Death benefits, Living Wills and so much more. The information that was shared during this sitting was so educational. Gina pulls her strength from Meditating and just being Grateful. This Entrepreneur will set you on the right path!

Antoinette Crouch is an accomplished Business Accountant, she’s worked for the same company for over 18 years, Wow,. I must say that Anti as she’s sometimes called, must be doing something right. Antoinette is a strong Melanin woman that’s continually motivating and encouraging others. Anti turns to her inner self for God’s strength in getting through tough times, she pulls her strength from family and making sure everyone is happy, this is where her strength comes from. This was an emotional session for her. A session that was well needed amongst us.

Dr.Megan Greaves-Massay, lady in blue! Author, Counselor, Global Chaplain, UN Ambassador, Presidential Award Honorary, Philanthropist and so much more, I look forward to sitting with her whenever she’s not jet setting across the Globe. Dr.Megan has a heart of gold. Her calendar is full so I welcome when she’s available. Melanin Power was honored to have it’s very first “WWM” sitting at the lovely home of Dr. Megan, she was the most gracious and welcoming host. Dr.Megan shared a wealth of insight on who we were created to be and what God has placed inside of each and everyone us, needless to say, we all know where this Beautiful woman of God pulls her Strength from. The Blueprint that God has placed inside of her. As Dr.Megan shared “she is a Spiritual Being having a Human experience”. She pulls from where she made deposits and from God.

All in all , the day went off without a glitch and Melanin Power has so much more in store for you, we are Melanin Strong!! Stay tuned for our annual Swimsuit Shoot!!

CEO Steph – Melanin Power

Writer: CEO Steph – Melanin Power

Editor and Chief; Dameon aka Flyisalifestyle

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