Melanin Power Wraps Up 2023

Its New Years Eve 2023 and Melanin Power highlights some of the Events that touched us dearly this year..

Birthday: I celebrated my Birthday early in the year of 2023, it reminded me that life is so precious and I was determined to make it a better year than 2022. Life had a mind of its’ own and took the lead.


Travels: I was awarded the opportunity to visit the Island of Trinidad twice this year and I must say, ” what a difference in previous years. I stayed in Piarco this time around with one of the most beautiful and caring family I could ever ask for. If you haven’t seen the Warm island of Trinidad, make that trip, I had a blast!

Trinidad Fresh Coconut Water

WWM: Melanin Power had it’s first ever “When Women Meet” table talk. It was great to sit with a Phenomenal group of ladies that shared their life experiences and how they were able to cope with it all. This table talk was by far something I will remember for sometime to come. Feel free to go back and check this out at

Mom is Hospitalized May 2023: This was a devastating time, the more time I spent with her the more it became inevitable that she was not coming back to the home that she so loved. What made it most intolerable was that she had no idea that she was going to spend her last months and days hospitalized. I Love you Mom, you will forever be in my heart, thoughts and prayers, may you continue to Rest In Heavenly Peace.

Mom 2023

Melanin Power 2023 Annual Swimsuit Shoot: I look forward to this shoot every year. The ladies are full of energy and humor, both qualities that I truly look for when preparing for this shoot. I look forward to next year’s 2024 Shoot. It was a day of building relationships and every Melanin Beauty came prepared…Melanin Power appreciates your presence!

Left to Right: Irene, Kendra, Melanin Power, Diosa, Takiya and Samira.

Melanin Power 2023 Fashionista: Well we have been looking and hands down there has been one Melanin Beauty that has hit the Fashion Runway bullseye everytime. This Melanin Power Award goes to none other that Fantasia Barrino, she has exceedingly and abundantly never skipped a beat. I give props to her stylists Daniel Hawkins. This guy has made a name for himself and I’m giving him his flowers now. Go Daniel for Rocking Fantasia’s look!!

2023 Fashionista Fantasia Barrino

Cancer Awareness Month October 2023: I attended a Cancer event this year in NYC and what a wake up call for every woman out there. I built relationships that I will forever remember and heard testimonies that will stay with me forever. This yearly event is sponsored by Ms. Gracelia Joyette aka Grace, she pursued every story and took the time out to honor each and every one of these survivors. These ladies were able to make it through the most difficult time of their lives. I sat, I listened, I watched and I teared up for every life that endured that demon called cancer. Grace has been a rock as she also dealt with this disease. All I can say is But God! Thank you Grace for making this happen every year. I look forward to seeing you in 2024!

Melanin Power and Gracelia aka Grace!
Honoring our Survivors was the Highlight of the Evening*

Melanin Power 2023 Person of the Year: This honor goes to none other than our very own Mr. Tyler Perry. Mr. Perry has shown himself strong, and though we all have struggles in our lifetime. Tyler has been able to successfully overcome these barriers in an industry that gave him zero of a chance to succeed. My hats go off to him and the many that was able to reap from his Gifts, Talents and Abilities. If you haven’t yet seen the Netflix special “Maxine’s Baby” I suggest you do so quickly. Melanin Power tips its hat off to Tyler Perry and wish him continued success, this was one for the books. Let’s see what he has in store for us in 2024!!

Tyler Perry MVP*

Melanin Power closes out 2023: I grieved the loss of my beloved Mom on October 14th. It crippled me emotionally and mentally. Its suffice to say that from the onset of hospitalization in May 2023, time just took a toll. She’s sleeping with the Angels now. I have no choice but to move on and enjoy the memories of our time spent.

I was serenaded by the one and only Ellison Kendrick, who performed at the Blanche Ely Museum on December 14th. What a performance. If anyone’s on the hunt for some live entertainment for their event, you have to reach out to Ellison Kendrick, singer of all genres, you will not be disappointed. His Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and all other platforms can be found under Ellison Kendrick. Check out his journey!

He’s amazing, this song Black Suits, had everyone on their feet as he danced through the audience and made his rounds. What a night it was . Thank you L! Much success to you in 2024!!

The Only One, by Mr. Ellison Kendrick. I was so moved that he chose to honor my Mom by dedicating this song in her honor while serenading me. I will forever cherish this moment Thank you my friend!

New Years Eve 2023: In closing, Melanin Power would like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year, may all your Wishes for the New Year come to pass, remember to make someone smile everyday. We are our worst critique, so let’s do better and think smarter. We can do all things through Christ that Strengthens us. Remember that “We are Beautiful and yes, We are Here!

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