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Melanin Sisters 2023 Swimsuit Shoot.

Here we are again at Melanin Power Magazine’s 2023 third annual Swimsuit Photoshoot. This day was quite challenging for everyone, the weather was a washout, but we made quite a statement at the beach on this day. I had the most beautiful group of ladies and the photographer was able to work with the schedule that the weather allowed us. These beautiful ladies embraced the concept of baring their beautiful bodies for the pages of Melanin Power Magazine, I was even more amazed that Melanin Power got exactly what we asked. Beautiful Sisters from all backgrounds, Pleasantly Plump, Curvaceously Beautiful, Ethnically empowered and did not skip a beat,, they brought it ALL!

The day started at about 10 AM at the beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach. Florida. New relationships were built that day, The ladies mingled for about 30 minutes while the Photographer Andrew Bowen and I scouted the venue for suitable backgrounds, leaving the ladies to get acquainted with each other. I then confirmed that they brought 2 bathing suits, primarily one black and another of their choice. Our day officially began.

Melanin Power and its Beautiful Melanin Sisters had all eyes on them that day, The rain would not let up, but my Photographer Andrew was able to shoot between the rain and its gaps, Next stop was getting in the water, by then the ladies were familiar with each other and as you can see from above they were having fun in the sun! Everyone had such a good time, My aim is to continuously shoot sisters with personality, and genuine love of themselves. I am not on the prowl looking for Super Models, I want everyday Melanin Sisters that live extraordinary lives., we laughed, we ate and we shot some beautiful photos.

Takiya and CEO Steph

Introducing the Models of Melanin Power

This is the lovely Joanne Suarez aka “Diosa”, she’s a top Influencer, Actress and Model that has appeared in many films in the tristate area. She has over 300k followers and over a million social media subscribers and followers combined. This girl has such a big personality, so funny and open minded, she was such fun to work with. Please follow her at iamdiosaofficial across her Instagram’s platform and connect to all her sites. Melanin Power appreciates your time and beauty..

Kendra, Kendra, Kendra, what a Beauty, I met Kendra at our Local thrift shop and we immediately hit it off. She was so approachable and I could not leave without inviting her to our Melanin Power annual photoshoot. She never hesitated. What an honor it was to have her, I can’t wait to see her again!

This Beauty is one of Melanin Power biggest supporter,, Irene has been a loyal follower and supporter from day one. The Chocolate beauty, is an Author, Special Ed Teacher and Respiratory Therapist, she stays busy and enjoys it all. Her Book of Encouragement and Motivational Quotes entitled “Let Your Soul Shine” can be found on Amazon, check it out now!

This is Lovely Samira, Melanin Power could not resist asking her to be in this year’s shoot. Samira had such a humble soul, she brought life to the shoot and Melanin Power was so excited to have her there. Samira is currently studying to be an Esthetician, she enjoys modeling, makeup and overall fashion, from the looks of it, Melanin Power thinks she has a bright future ahead of her. Thank you Samira for spending the day with us.


This shade of Melanin holds a special place in my heart. Afterall she is my beautiful daughter, Takiya, She didn’t think she was going to pull this off, but she did well. I was so happy to have her. This beauty has been in the Medical field for over 7 years. Takiya is a wife and mother of 5, yes FIVE. I look forward to having her again next year. Thank you Takiya!

CEO Steph

The day ended about 4:30 PM, by then we were scorched, tired and just ready to get out of Beach Mode. The ladies worked it and I’m so thankful to have such an array of ladies that just wanted to have fun and let it all hang out on the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale. 

Hope you enjoyed this Shoot as much as I did…Melanin Power Rocks!!

Scroll down for more amazing images from this epic photoshoot on the beach.

Melanin Power

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