CEO Talk 102

My long awaited Photoshoot, oh how I love bringing life to the pages of Melanin Power Magazine ( 

As I prepared myself physically and mentally for this day, I started with my B12, collagen and Protein Drink to give myself the energy that I needed to get through the day. My make-up is always done by me as I’m not yet comfortable with someone else’s face that close, I figure they’re not close-ups so I could pull this off and (Melanin Power Magazine #melaninpowerunleashed is not yet fully funded so the more I can do myself the better the Magazine Profits.

Today I am here in the sunshine state of Florida, with Photographer Andrew Bowen. Photographers love days like this when their Lens catches the Golden Hour and makes that connection. On this day I decided to catch the rays of sunshine and decided to start shooting about midday. I must say that I’m not a Model never claimed to be and my hat goes off to those professional models that stand in the sunlight all day to get that perfect shot. It was a bit challenging but I got it done. I had so much fun and it’s always helpful when you’re working with a Photographer that’s determine to get the best of you. I had quite a number of pieces to shoot and my Venue was very important. My friend offered up her very distinct front and back yard which was a perfect match for the day’s Shoot. The streets are always an option as you see and the backdrop for walking is always perfect. 

It was a long day, I started at 1:30pm and ended at about 6pm. Now the fun part of the job begins, the task of going through over 500 photos knowing that your editor will not use half of them, selecting the ones that is Captivating to the World is vigorous. So here we are. I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I did, so much more to come. Stay tuned!

CEO and Founder

Stephanie Cobham

I am just loving this little number: Blue Two Piece Pants Suit.

Fashion by Polly Foo, CEO and founder of SULTRY Label, a Black Owned quaint little Boutique situated in the busiest part of Brooklyn on Church Avenue. I’ve always been a Fan of Polly Foo’s Fashion, her pieces bring life to your wardrobe, whatever the event Sultry Label will dress you. Check out her 

Beautiful pieces at

Bow Tie Top by Michael Kors 

Shoes: Sam Adelman

These fun pieces were perfect for such a bright and sunny day. I felt like a Princess on her way to the Ball.

Blouse by:  Anne Fontaine

Skirt by: Decora Apparel

Floppy Hat: Burlington 

Shoes: BCBG

Ooh Lala, this look took me to Spain and back. I absolutely Love this soft flowy dress, it’s definitely a keeper. This salsa dancing twirling irresistible piece will have you spinning all day, it’s the Flow for me.

Dress by: FARM RIO

Hair: Braids by Riea (FL)

Let’s get this party started look, simple but fun

Vest by: Hearts Delight

Shorts: Local Thrift Store

Shoes: BCBG

Floppy Hat: Burlington

Photo Credit : Andrew Bowen

Nothing like drinks with Friends Poolside. This dress speaks volume, one of my favorite pieces. Takes you from the Board Room straight to the Afterwork Party, this piece is also featured in Boss Talk 101 at

Dress by: Intermix

Shoes: Sam Adelman

Hat: Burlington

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