Roe V. Wade

Everyone’s talking about the decision handed down by the Supreme Court on June 24th 2022 reversing the Roe V. Wade legal right to abortion that has been upheld since 1973. This decision will impact women of all race, religion and culture across the USA. Not only are we now told what we can do with our bodies, we are also told we can only do it in certain states and that there will be repercussions if caught. There are protest all across the country in hopes that we can make a difference. Make no mistakes not only does this affect women, it also affects men in all aspects.

Photo: US News

So what does this all mean for women seeking to make the decision based on their bodies. We know that there is no clause for rape or incest, something that hits hard in the minority communities, we also know that the less fortunate will be hit the hardest and the wealthy will find a way to get around the politics. Seems like purchasing an assault style weapon comes easier than a woman’s right to have an abortion. Women all across the nation are broken because of this decision that majority of men decided to make behind closed doors. This decision paves the way for at least 20 states to ban the right to legal abortion across the USA.

Lets be clear, this is not a Black or White thing, this is women being stripped of their right to choose to carry or not. This is where our Votes count, we must be mindful of who we put in office. We cannot make a difference if we sit on our couches and expect that our votes don’t matter. If you’re not voting, you’re not saying much. Let’s make this election count, go out and Vote. Get involved in planned parenthood in your community, this does not give you the means of a legal abortion if the state you’re in bans it, but it gives you some of the tools needed to move forward with this Political decision. Lets stand together and make an impact on the next political strong arm we place in office, we can do better.

Story by: Melanin Power

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