Zaya Wade Seems to Be Dating; Publicly Debuts Partner for Easter

This Sunday, Zaya Wade brought her new significant other to her family’s Easter gathering and shared several pictures with him online.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union welcomed Zaya’s significant other, Hudson, with open arms on Easter Sunday. Wade shared a handful of pictures of herself making memories with her family and her significant other during Easter.

“I’ve had the best weekend spending quality time with my family and s/o for Easter,” Wade wrote. “I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter today and a wonderful Passover this week! I love you guys.”

In his Instagram bio, Hudson makes it clear that he uses he/him pronouns. He also shared several selfies of himself and Wade via Instagram. “Passover and Easter have never been more fun. I Love You,” Hudson wrote in the caption. The couple appears to be absolutely in love while looking happy and inseparable in all their photos, including one where they kiss.

For their part, Union and Dwyane Wade were also proud to show off their daughter’s new significant other in a family picture that also included Zaire Wade and his girlfriend, Lola Ann Clark. Zaya’s parents have been nothing but supportive of her transition and have also been actively advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in recent years.

Given that Wade is only 14 years old, this is still a relationship between two teenagers. Alas, it’s great to see that Wade is enjoying the average coming-of-age experience of having your first relationship, falling in love, introducing that person to your parents, and bringing them along to family gatherings – which isn’t always something that LGBTQ+ people can experience with their own families.

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