February 2022 Happenings

My dear MelaFans, February has ended and we’re beginning a very exuberant March or as they call it “Women History Month”. Before we dive into March, let’s go over a couple of exciting events in February 2022. Melanin Power had the opportunity to attend the Coconut Grove Art Festival and it was awesome. Many of you saw and read my article on Black Artist Edwin Lester who’s based out of Philadelphia, but his work is known all around the Globe. I ran into Edwin at the Art Festival, and I was elated to catch up with his busy schedule. Such a kind spirit, he took the time to introduce other black Artis and did not mind sharing the spotlight, that’s what you call a Team player. Edwin has an array of Art that will keep engaged in wanting more. It’s always a Blessing when I have such great opportunities to spread the knowledge of good work and twice the Blessing when it comes from our very own. Check out his website at https://artistedwinlester.com/ This piece of art blew me away. Looking forward to the next event!

I also had the opportunity to meet with Thomas Williams gallery owner of “Williams Fine Art” Tommy as his friends call him is an interesting guy. He’s a sharp and thoughtful speaker, he dove into the Melanin Power phenomenon and discreetly whispered to me “you know freedom ain’t free right?” as if! I am Melanin Power LLC you know, with a smile on my face, that was a profound statement, it hit different. Tommy is based out of Chicago and you couldn’t pay him enough to relocate anywhere else. Check him out at www.eyehaveavision.com His Artwork truly is one to be desired. Here are a few of his show stopping pieces. 

Finally, Melanin Power attended the Renaissance Fair at Deerfield Beach, Love this Fair, it takes you way back when all rides were manually swung around by someone else. The costumes and events are fun and enjoyable to see and watch. It’s a family day at the Renaissance Fair, it’s here until March 20th so if you haven’t, go visit, you’ll enjoy every moment of it. Here are just a few pics that I think you’ll enjoy. The tree lady blew me away!

By CEO and Founder Steph

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