On a conference call with House Democrats, former President Barack Obama urges congressional leaders: “Don’t whine about Republican roadblocks.”

Democrat members of Congress met Thursday via Zoom to discuss updating the party’s message amid stalled legislation and low poll ratings. Obama was on the call to offer his party some much-needed constructive criticism.

Punchbowl reported he told Democrats to “take the wins you can get”. Also, it “doesn’t help to whine about the stuff you can’t change”, Obama added.

Democrat Struggles on the Hill

So far, the Democrats are failing to pass Biden’s Build Back Better plan and voter protection legislation.

Currently, no members of the Republican Party and Democrat Senator Joe Manchin are in support of the bill.

Meanwhile, despite the party’s failure to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, Obama has called for a rise in morale among Democrats.

“Democrats have a tendency to complain about what we didn’t get done rather than talking about what we did get done,” Obama stated on the call.

Obama said he had to withdraw a public option from his Affordable Care Act as a result of legislative setbacks.

“If we can get some stuff done, some major domestic initiative, some progress on climate … there will come a point where you decide if you are getting nothing or getting that,” Obama said.

However, Sen. Manchin says he’ll support some of the social care components of the bill. But he’ll only support them if they’re broken into smaller pieces.

What Democrats Need to Pass Build Back Better

Democrats need the support of all 50 of their senators in order to pass the bill. However, Sen. Joe Manchin remains a thorn in his party’s side that keeps Democrats from passing it.

As a result, progressives are at odds with Manchin creating much tension within the party at a time when they should be coming together.

Without the passing of major voter legislation that would have protected the rights of Black Americans, the Republicans may sweep this year’s midterm elections.

written by Nehemiah Frank, Founder & Editor-In-Chief

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