This week Melanin Power shines the spotlight on The Black and Missing Foundation.

Natalie Wilson/Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (L) Derrica Wilson/Co-Founder and CEO (R)

Melanin Power has chosen to recognize the Black and Missing Foundation because it needs to be a Torch we should all carry; Though sometimes grueling and met with challenges, there are two ladies that persevere through the end. The work that goes on behind the scenes in making this all happen is downright gruesome at times, the research, the posting, the calls, the meetings with families before and after, is just the tip of this iceberg.

I first learned about this Foundation Black and Missing when these two Amazing Women were featured on CNN’s episode of “Women of Worth.” Truly deserving a title for this duo. These Compelling and compassionate women Derrica and Natalie Wilson are on a path to reunite missing and exploited blacks with their families. 

Derrica and Natalie Wilson, has been the driving force in bringing closure to many families. They’ve remained humble and focused through all of the recognition and spotlight on them. They have not wavered in their mission.

Melanin Power takes a hat off to Celebrate Derrica and Natalie Wilson as they fight to encourage and uplift families across the Globe. It takes courage to swallow the bitter pill that comes with the heartbreaking news that sometimes has to be uncovered. They’ve handled each case with grace and dignity all while trying to keep the focus on our Black and Missing Families. 

The diligence and continued sacrifice it takes, one can only imagine that it must be grueling at times, especially when the focus is clearly not a priority in the main stream media. The work that these ladies put in is truly a Black History Story. This organization is funded by the support of people like you and me, to find out more about Black & Missing Foundation and to donate to this deserving cause, please visit their site below: and click on the donate link.

Melanin Power Salutes you both, know that you are indeed Black Girls that Rock!

Ceo and Founder

Steph Cee

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