The Balenciaga Sag Phenomenon

The Phenomenon of the “Sagging Pants” This story is a bit late but cannot be ignored.

The fact that our Black Brothers have been Dehumanized, Beaten, and Racially Profiledfor so many years for the Sagging look is a constant reminder of how the Melanism in us, is now the Capitalism for them. makes one wonder.

Where does it end, is it the Lips, the Buttocks, the Curvy Nature of our Bodies that’s somehow lining the pockets of those rich and famous Plastic Surgeons.

The history of Sagging is a far cry from Fashion, but non the less, Black men took the look and turned it around pretty much creating a Fashion Statement that not too many admired or cared for Knowing the History from whence it came was not one that our Melanin Ancestors before us wanted to relive.

Some has defined the origins of sagging or low riding pants as a form of the United States Inmates being prohibited from wearing belts.

This was done to prevent inmates predominantly blacks from using belts as a potential to kill or commit suicide by hanging. With these restrictions inmates had no choice but to let their pants sag below their waist.

The new line of “Sagging Pants” can break your pockets quickly, get ready to shell out a cool $1,000.00 plus, a hefty price tag for a period that took so many Black Lives, the only difference here is that you might not be subject to ridicule, attack, harassed or laughed at, as you did before, because now, Its labeled “WHITE.”

Melanin Power Magazine brings this story after much thought and reflection of looking through the lens from an Historical point of View, a view that somehow gets foggy for the ones that seek to minimize the brutality of the era when profiting from the process.

I hope we can all learn a lesson from this. Please leave a comment or thoughts below.

3 thoughts on “The Balenciaga Sag Phenomenon

  1. Though denied, extracting from the Black community to create something new in the “WHITE” community, continues to be an exploited fact without any mention or compensation.

    The Black community continues to be exploited in almost everything that they do. The list goes on to include fashion, hair styles, skin care, and makeup. While the media deemed the every day wear of the “sagging pants” as extremely negative when worn in the Black community, it’s interesting that it now seems to be a positive, ONLY when the “WHITE” community decided to copy the “sagging pants” wear of our young Black men, market it, and add a hefty price tag to it.

    What’s disturbing with this phenomenon, is that many young men in the Black community will buy these products without a thought. In their haste to ‘fit in’, they will not see the disparity of the hefty price tag on what they wear every day, nor will they see the exploitation that continues to silently say “Black step back, because “WHITE” is right.

    Talking about INSULT to INJURY!

    Will we ever wake up? Will things ever change? I most certainly would like to think so. Unfortunately however, I do not see such change ever happening in my life time.

    Great article!

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