Donda break down

Kanye West is back at it again, but if we’re following him, we know that he never really left. Kanye West can sell ants in a bottle if he wanted to and it will be bought. For now he’s released his new Album Donda, a mix between Pop and Gospel. Though many of us never expected to hear a Gospel anything from Kanye West, we are here and I must say he’s a Force to be reckoned with. Melanin Power have listened to the entire Album and I’m impressed by some of the music on this Album. There is a song for just about everyone. Melanin Power objectively feels like Kanye West is at a point in life where he’s elevated to the next chapter and if this means the start of something Inspirationally inspired then we are here!

Donda listening party

Many find themselves struggling with the fact that Kanye West created a Pop/Gospel Music Album as they’ll forever see him as a Rapper, but listen people, Kanye has a Platform that can and will have a lot of people talking, now this is where the Creator our God in me, steps in and Transforms each and everyone by the renewing of our Minds. Melanin Power is a firm Believer in Too Whom Much Is Given, Much is Required. Kanye West has a lot to offer, He can change the momentum of Millions and chooses to do so with his music. Melanin Power encourages others to listen to Kanye’s Album “Donda” named after his late Mother who passed away in November 2007. This took a toll on Kanye and maybe this is the time for his reckoning, to come to a place of humility and find a path that not only pleases others, but comes to terms with his inner being.


Donda, the Album’s name speak Volumes to why Kanye chose to Memorialize his mother this way. There is a sigh of relief when you listen to his well placed lyrics “Even if you’re not ready for the day, it can’t always be night.” Kanye West is Unleashing all his Melanin in this Album. The songs that jump out at Melanin Power were “Moon, Jesus Lord, Praise God.” I trust that everyone will find their own song on this Album, but rest assured, this will be the talk about Album for years to come, I can surely hear some of the Believers now, don’t take it from me, just listen!

Steph Cee – CEO and Founder Melanin Power Magazine

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