Boss Talk 104 – Body Shaming Ourselves

Hey Melan fans, this is Steph coming to you with her Monthly Boss Talk 104

This month’s Boss Talk is going to make a lot of you a little uncomfortable. I am going to touch on a topic that somehow took control of the way we perceive that society should accept us. The Body shaming stick we continue to beat ourselves with. Ladies you know what I am talking about. “My butt’s too big, my stomach sticks out, my legs are too thick, I need to gain weight, I need to lose weight and I just can’t be photographed at this time. I have stretch marks, I have cellulite. Ladies we must STOP IT! Every Beauty mark that we are left with, tells a story of where we have been and what we have accomplished, and please let us not entertain the “Oh Stephanie, you’d never understand” like somehow smaller framed ladies have nothing to be concerned about. The reality is we all have something we would like to get rid of, fix, or add to.

 Body shaming is merely a distraction meant to keep us in a box and limit our interaction with what life has to offer us. I know that this topic hits a nerve, but it must be addressed. We have been body shaming our bodies for far too long and it is time to STOP IT ladies. Life throws us enough curve balls, let us not add to it by degrading our bodies.  If you do not like what you see when you look in the mirror, then work on fixing it, and if it cannot be fixed, then show them what you are working with and stop the woe is me antic. Let us get off the sofa and set a goal for ourselves. We must give ourselves the fighting chance and not allow our outer beauty to overpower our inner worth. Allow yourself to fall into your own. 

We are all Fearfully and Wonderfully made, there were no mistakes in molding us. We are packaged Delicately into our own skin. We are not all size one, we are Beautiful, we are Stunningly Gorgeous, we are Curvaceously Bosomed, Thick and Voluptuous, Slenderly built, and we all have something to offer. We must first acknowledge that loving ourselves, IS our job, not anyone else’s. We cannot continue to complain that we are not featured in enough Magazines or that we are overlooked for Casting Calls and Photoshoots, not when we continue to Body shame ourselves and deprive our God given Beauty of all life has to offer, stop taking a backseat because you do not like how you are built. How you are built ladies is all yours, embrace it until you get another, and stop with the Body shaming, it is not attractive, nor is it Healthy.

I am here to say that Melanin Power Magazine absolutely loves the Melanin in you, whether it’s small, medium, large or extra extra-large, I embrace all sizes when it comes to my Magazine and when you feel the need to body shame yourself ever again, you take a deep breath and exhale slowly letting out all of that negativity that seeks to destroy your ability to showcase yourself in a new light, shine my Beautiful Melanin Sister, shine Bright like the Diamond you are, because your inner worth is too valuable to be contained, you are all Melanin Power Unleashed!

CEO and Founder 


CEO Steph

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