Melanin Sisters Storm The Beach.

Welcome to Melanin Power Magazine’s first annual Swimwear Photoshoot. I must say that preparing for this shoot was a bit challenging with the hurricane season looming over us. I was blessed that our Melanin sisters showed up and fully embraced the concept of baring their beautiful bodies for the pages of Melanin Power Magazine, even more amazed that Melanin Power got exactly what we asked for. Beautiful Sisters from all backgrounds, Pleasantly Plump, Curvaceously Beautiful Ethnically empowered they brought it ALL!

The day started at about 10 AM at the beautiful Deerfield Beach in Florida, we gathered and introduced ourselves. The ladies mingled for about 30 minutes while the Photographer Andrew Bowen and I scouted the venue for enchanting backgrounds. As the ladies got acquainted with each other I confirmed that they brought 2 bathing suits, primarily one black and another of their choice. 

All eyes were on the Beautiful Melanin Sisters that day, everyone wanted to know what’s going on, who are they, what are they shooting for? We were also photographed by the City of Deerfield Beach photographer. I’ll get the link and keep you updated.

Next stop was getting in the water, it was beautiful and warm. By then the ladies were familiar with each other and as you can see below they were having fun in the sun! Everyone had such a good time, we all exchanged numbers and this will be one group of ladies that I will be using in the near future.

Introducing the models of Melanin Power

Wendy Ellis: Brains, Beauty and audaciously talented. Wendy is a Speaker, Entrepreneur and Actor. She is a former nonprofit Executive, Dr Wendy Ellis coaches and counsels’ women on how to develop a Champion mindset to win, Melanin Power was honored to have you!
Dr Megan Massay: Here we have Megan Greaves Massay that has graced Melanin Power with her Beauty, she has quite a few Titles under her belt starting with, International Chaplain, UN Ambassador Member (NGO), Author, Destiny Coach, Philanthropist, Counselor/ CEO of Megan Massay International. Megan is dedicated to helping humanity to endeavor and impact the Global Village with Hope, she’s also about to launch her Book/Journal on Amazon “I Come in The Volumes of the Book” stay tuned. We embrace our Melanin Sister and support her in all her endeavors. 
Allena Williams: This lengthy Beauty hails from Boca and as you can see, she has a personality that is going to land her on the runway of life. Melanin Power was so happy to work with this six-foot Beauty, she’s currently studying to further her education and we support her 100%, Go Allena! 
Jada Williams: This young stunner hails from New Jersey. She Models locally and jumps at the chance of meeting new people and traveling, she loves the skin she’s in and wouldn’t trade it for anything or anyone, looking forward to working with her again. Your Melanin Power Rocks!
Irene Noel: This Beauty has what it takes to grace our Beauty Pages, not only is she a dedicated Educator, but she is also an Author and Respiratory Therapist which she totally enjoys. Irene is makeup free and glows nonetheless, she is a Gem! She Rocks in her Melanin skin. Irene credits her natural glow to Meaningful Beauty and Oil of Olay Skin care; I have a feeling she does not need much. What does this Beauty do to relax? Irene has just published her first Book of Encouragement and Motivational Quotes entitled “Let Your Soul Shine” by The Creator in Me, Ms. Irene Noel.
Elke Pettiford: A force to be reckoned with, bursting with energy Elke Petti hails from the Bahamas, she is a Wardrobe Stylist who enjoys traveling. Her bubbly personality empowers people to evolve into the best of themselves. Melanin Power appreciates the Melanin you bring! 
Michelle Baldwin: What can I say about this Soaring Glass of water that caught Melanin Power’s Eyes the first day I saw her. Nicknamed CHI, she is all of 5’11 and is Stunningly Gorgeous. She’s a bit shy but she was able to bring it to our Melanin Power Shoot, can’t wait to work with her again. Melanin Power Rocks with Chi!!
Lastly and by no means Least, our two seasoned models have Graced the pages of Melanin Power Magazine with their presence. I hope to see much more of them in future shoots.
Claudette Andrews (Right): Enjoys baking , traveling and enjoying life.
Rose Ann Greaves (Left): Young spirited and enjoys reading a good book on any given day, she also enjoys cooking and family gatherings.
Let’s hear it for ALL of our beautiful Melanin Power Models!
STEPH: Melanin Power CEO and Founder
STEPH: Melanin Power CEO and Founder

The day ended about 1:30 PM, by then we were scorched, tired and just ready to get out of Beach Mode. The ladies worked it and I’m so thankful to have such an array of ladies that just wanted to have fun and let it all hang out on the beautiful beaches of Deerfield that day. 

Hope you enjoy this Shoot as much as I did…Melanin Power Rocks!!

Scroll down for more amazing images from this epic photoshoot on the beach.

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  1. The most BEAUTIFUL group of Melanin Sisters bought together to grace Melanin Power’s Magazine. This is only the beginning of great things to come. I’m excited about where it’s going, and look forward to what the next edition will look like. A job well done, and absolute love it.

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