Sitting with R&B Power House Ellison Kendrick

This is Stephanie Cobham, the Creator and Founder of Melanin Power Magazine. I am going to dive right in about my dear friend Ellison Kendrick, Miami’s Hottest R&B Artist. He is one of the humblest persons I know. I met El as I nicknamed him about 2 years ago, when we both attended Fantasia’s concert at The Hard Rock Guitar Hotel, we sat next to each other about three rows from the stage and like civilized people we introduced ourselves and the rest is history. I kept thinking though, he is so sweet, humble, and Good Looking, how is he at this concert alone? It worked out for me because we became good friends.

What I could not figure out was why everyone kept saying hello to him, and how is it after the concert he was able to direct me out of The Hard Rock with his eyes pretty much closed. Well, those gaps quickly closed after I decided to Google him, He could have said “he regularly performs at The Hard Rock Hotel, or that he sang back-up for the late Great Icon Betty Wright and Joss Stone, or even more so that he was getting ready or just filmed Bad Boys for Life, but because of the nature of his Character, he remained true to himself and had me figure it all out.

And now after the Covid shut down, I’m finally getting the opportunity to sit and interview with the great Ellison Kendrick and share a little of him with the world. I must remind myself again that he is an animal on stage, but off stage, I cannot say it enough, he is an extremely humble and compassionate being! I want to make sure that when he gets to the top and he will, I can continue to say, there goes El and he is my friend, because he truly is. Please make sure and support him wherever he performs and as his dear friend I truly pray that whatever he touches will be anointed to grow and wherever he is planted, may he shine for all to see.

Ellison Kendrick

I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I’m going to, take it all in El, because you are indeed Melanin power Unleashed!

Interview at Tavolino Della Notte July 9th. 8pm

Melanin Power Magazine

Stephanie Cobham CEO and Founder

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