After 400 years of SLAVERY, we are now here with the Federal Holiday JUNETEENTH signed into law by President Biden on June 17th, 2021. Though many have said that the Asian community seemed to have acquired a Hate Crime Bill in about 3 months, it shows yet again that we as the Black Minority continue to get our Right to Freedom in BITS and PIECES. I do not know about you, but I would like my Freedom ALL at once, just as the white race does.

As I write this article the tears flow, not only for our Ancestors, but for our future generation, this has been a long journey and the time to exhale is probably now, but before we take that big Inhale, know that we inhale the fight needed to Win, to Grow and to Build on what we have now, sad but true, it is better late than never. 

CEO Steph

This is by far NOT the Justice we seek, but it is a long-awaited Victory for us, and who cares whether we celebrate with a BBQ or a drink, lets Celebrate this Win, lets build on this Win, let us be Unapologetic and Rise up from the Economic jealousy and Systematic Injustice that we continue to endure today. The system that keeps us in bondage because they think that we deserve nothing good. Let us show them, that we are going to rebuild, and every tear that we have shed and sown will be birth to a new Generation.

We might not see it in our lifetime, but for the Generation that follows in our footsteps, they too will see the New Promise Land that was stolen and bought with a Federal Holiday, the land where we as a people will be allowed to Sleep Black in our beds and Not die, go Jogging while Black and Not die, March Black peacefully and Not die, Drive Black and Not die and enjoy the simple things in our Black lives and NOT die. 

In closing I would love to give Honor to our Ancestors before us, for paving the way where we can and will be Victorious. They are the True Heroes in this. They have endured so much more than we will ever imagine.

They stood at the frontlines so that we would not have to, yet again We are Here and The Melanin Power in us will Rise Up!

CEO and Founder

Steph C

CEO Steph

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