Interview With The Author Of “I Come In The Volumes of The Book” Dr. Megan Massay


We, as women  are like salt. We put Flavor in every living thing.  We are entrusted by God to carry out the mandate of earth’s procreation. God gave the marching orders for us to be fruitful and multiply after He blessed his creation. We are the transportation vehicle that births life into the earth realm. I believe  that is why God created the woman with such unique versatility and individuality, we wear many hats and in my opinion this is the greatest, to be entrusted with another human life. The earth’s most valuable commodity.

Dr. Megan Massay

Woman…what a powerful title!  But how many women truly understand the value and beauty of their worth and uniqueness? Woman, you must understand and secure the divine power grid within you. As Women, we are life-givers, mothers, leaders, encouragers, nurturers, and vision-carriers.  A woman can become a Proverbs 31 Woman, an Esther, a Deborah but first we must say yes to our call to our Creator. I encourage you to read the entire book of Esther, along with Judges 4-5. As you read these particular scriptures, you will gain confidence and insight in your role as a woman.  You will also be enlightened, and your vision and purpose will become clearer. These books of the Bible will convince you of the leader that is embedded in your very being. And will help you to confront the fear of the unknown as you embrace your womanhood. You will no longer feel paralyzed. 

Women carry nations, presidents, prophets, doctors, inventors, the breakthroughs of nations, families and more in their wombs.  When a woman travails or cries out to God, she has the ability to give birth in the spirit. From the dimensions of the spirit realm, she can birth purpose, vision, and destiny into the earth.

While pressing through and bearing the trials, struggles, tribulations, and the rubble of life’s battles, many women have lost themselves and their identity.  Many women are struggling with an identity crisis in our world’s today.  Some have even assumed multiple roles that were not originally intended for them: sole providers of the home, a father fill-in, protector, counselor, etc.  Far too many women today bear the sole responsibility of raising their children because of embittered and abusive relationships and abandonment or for various reasons. 

CEO Steph & Author Dr. Megan Massay

  Despite the inherited-by-default responsibility that many women today bear, it is crucial that women understand their worth, walk in wholeness and embrace their assignment. If women are to experience divine wholeness, each woman must return to the original plan God ordained for her. Originally, the woman was without sin and was given an assignment from her Creator to be fruitful and multiply, to embrace who she was and to see what she was assigned on this earth to do.  

As women, we must effectively, and boldly carry out our assignments. When a woman is in a posture or position of prayer, and in alignment with her Creator, all of heaven backs her and she enters an atmosphere where she can receive divine downloads and inspiration. This is how she can then discover her life’s assignment with accuracy.  

When a woman is in an environment where she can be nourished,  grow, and has the right relationship constellations that aid growth and development,  her God-given discernment kicks in as God reveals His genius of revelation and instruction.

Author Dr. Megan Massay

The world is looking for women who are ready and willing to embrace their true purpose. As women begin to walk within their measure of rule (their mandates and true calling) they will begin to advance to the level and dimension in which they can demonstrate the anointing and grace given to them. 

Woman, you have an amazing strength and an unassuming potential lying deep inside. Look inward and draw from that well of power because you are the answer to the desperate wails and anguish of many. You have a latent power that is waiting for your stirring and all the elements of nature are ready to support and help you write a new inspiring story. Go out and be the champion that you are.

Megan Massay

(culled from “I Come In The Volumes of The Books”)

CEO Steph & Author Megan Massay

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