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Hello followers, this is Melanin Power Magazine taking you to the streets of one of the Local Thrift Shops in the neighborhood Thrift Store | Women In Distress

I find it strange that we have so much at our fingertips and yet we struggle to find Fashions that will keep us in the trend. Now as ladies we feel the need to make a fashion statement every time we walk out that front door. As the CEO of an up-and-coming MAGAZINE, I try to refrain from spending too much on clothing and more on my passion for MP, so here I am bringing you pieces that will make you feel good, look phenomenal and still have a lot left over to make that Mortgage payment. 

I hope you enjoy these pieces and find the urge to visit/support your local Thrift Shop in your neighborhood, remember that someone’s “Old” clothing can become your “New” clothing once you make it your own. There is no such thing as hand me DOWN when it comes to dressing you UP. It is a mind game that we play way too often. It becomes your own once you throw it in the wash, gently glide it on your body and OWN it!

Let me know how much you enjoyed watching this video, leave a message, click like and share and let me know about your experiences and styles from your local Thrift Shop, I would love to feature you in Melanin Power Magazine and remember that one person’s loss might be your gain, so wear it well, Phenomenal women we are!  

Melanin Power LLC

CEO and Founder ~ Stephanie Cobham

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