The Harsh Reality of Being A Black Woman in The Workplace

In spite of what black women think, the Latinos and Spanish women fear much better on jobs, especially if you’re light skinned. I once worked for a Jewish guy and he said to me ” well Stephanie you know men should always make more because they’re the head of the home” meanwhile I worked from dusk to dawn and of course my “supervisor” took all of the credit. 

I also worked for a very reputable company in Wall Street, he needed a token to complete his staff, treated me like a piece of gum that was stuck under his best worn shoes. I tolerated him for 11 months and he never acknowledged or respected me. I eventually filed a lawsuit with the Labor board and won, instead of getting a lump sum, I made sure he wrote a check every week for an entire year just so he’ll understand the ramifications of his actions.

In spite of it All, I thought I was prepared for the next phase of my life. I see now nothing has changed, well not true, now it’s become BLATANTLY acceptable to be racists, no excuses needed, I’m racially and ethnically overpowered by the ones that seek to keep me below poverty level. I should never be making a decent salary, I should never have Finer things in Life, well unless I cry to you about wanting it. It’s become the norm to overlook hard work, while others are praised for just showing up.

A Black woman can never threaten to leave or just take days off when they’re not happy about something, that will never work for a Black Woman in a predominantly White Corporation. The dedication, honesty, trustworthiness or a clean record is not something of value anymore, these are invaluable and will not be promoted while working black, not unless you’re one of the lighter skinned employees.

I’ll tell you what, if you’ll just be quiet, be happy you’re employed, then maybe, just maybe you’ll get to keep your job, don’t be the angry black woman that everyone’s scared to approach, don’t ask for anything that will make them uncomfortable, Just Be Quiet. I have news for you all, I will no longer shrink to be Digestible, you can CHOKE. A wise woman once said to me “You do what you must, until you no longer have to.

This article exists as part of the online Melanin Power Magazine for Melanin Power LLC.

The Privilege and Entitlement has always been real, it’s now officially acceptable. What I do know is that my God is a True and Just God, He will not leave me nor forsake me, he sees and hears it all, and though He might not come when you need Him, He is always right on time, so I will look towards the hills from where my help comes from and I will wait on Him because to whom much is given much is required!

My Mom always said to me, “Stephanie, you will have to work 10 times harder because of your brown skin, don’t think for a second that because you’re beautiful and intelligent, you’ll be treated with respect, or as your white counterpart” In that moment I realized that being a Black woman comes with courage, she is someone to be proud of, someone to be admired, she’s endured so much and she’s had ENOUGH of the disrespect! The next time you want to make a black woman feel insignificant, ask yourself, “how would I feel if this happened to someone I cared about?”

The next time you’re told you need to soften up in order to make others feel comfortable, or get a pat on the back and told you’re appreciated as if that somehow translates into a rent check or better yet, everyone recognizes the hard work you do and the changes you’ve made, the change that somehow derived from the atmosphere created by the system that seeks to continually undermine, overlook and disrespect your integrity and intelligence, or maybe that you’re just not good enough, you let them know, that not only are you good enough, you are more than enough. Now smile, keep your head up and keep it moving, the Phenomenal Woman you are!

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